Purple Light Bulb Guide

Purple Light Bulb Guide

Most standard light bulbs come with a white coloration for maximum brightness, clarity, and visibility. However, if you want to give a room a “warmer” appearance, you may choose an off-white bulb or even a yellow bulb. These tend to be the most common options for both homes and businesses.

While all of these options are great for lighting standard rooms like kitchens, offices, or even bathrooms, they are not all that fun or impactful. Fortunately, purple LED bulbs offer an entertaining, beautiful alternative that can serve a purpose in a wide variety of environments and situations. Whether you want to throw a huge party for your friends and family or you need a better way to get a good night’s sleep, purple lighting could be the best solution for you!

So, in today’s purple light bulb guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about purple light bulbs and how to use them!

Using Purple For Party Lighting

There’s no doubt that purple is a fun color. Historically, it has signified power, royalty, wealth, opulence, pleasure, and ambition. Today, it still maintains many of these associations, but it has also become the color of choice for many different kinds of parties. Whether you’re planning a children’s birthday party or New Year’s Eve bash, purple lighting is a great way to “wow” your guests and really create a unique atmosphere.

The reason that purple lighting works so well for parties is that it makes everything in the vicinity look drastically different. When you walk into a party that uses standard white or off-white lighting, there’s nothing inherently exciting about it. On the other hand, when you walk into a party that is lit with purple bulbs, it immediately becomes a feast for the eyes.

While purple lighting can be used for just about any kind of party, it is especially fun for raves and similar parties for adults. Standard LED purple bulbs are not fluorescent, but you can also opt for fluorescent purple bulbs to create a bright, glowing, neon party venue. Either way, using purple lighting in an otherwise dark or dimly lit atmosphere will definitely get people in the mood to party!

Purple Fairy Lights

If you’re looking for an exciting way to illuminate your children’s bedroom (or even your own), purple LED fairy lights are a great option! While they are not literally shaped like fairies, they do create a whimsical, magical atmosphere that is both fun and relaxing. Typically, fairy string lights resemble standard Christmas lights that you might hang on your tree or the outside of your home during the holidays.

However, purple fairy lights are (obviously) purple and usually designed to be hung indoors. You can hang them along the edges of your bedroom ceiling, drape them throughout the room, or even create interesting spirals and designs with the string lights. No matter which way you go with it, purple fairy lights can turn any space into a magical dreamland. All you have to do is turn off the regular lights and let the fun, purple colors wash over the room!

Purple For Halloween Lighting

If you haven’t already noticed, purple lighting often works best in otherwise dark rooms. The purple lighting creates a very specific ambiance that can either be light-hearted or a little bit scary. This means that purple LED Halloween lights are a great option when you’re prepping for a Halloween party or spooky get-together!

Have you ever been to a haunted house or Halloween-themed amusement park? If so, you know that lighting is a key element to the “scares” and spooky aura. To really create a specific look for Halloween, you need to eliminate standard light sources and only use purple lighting (ideally a dark or deep purple). When you do this, it limits visibility to a small degree and amplifies shadows.

While orange is frequently used for Halloween lighting, this is primarily due to its association with pumpkins (Jack-O-Lanterns) and the Autumn season in general. Alternatively, purple lighting for Halloween can actually produce the kind of interior or exterior atmosphere to get people in the spirit of the holiday. With the right decorations and purple lighting, people will be thinking about boiling cauldrons, cackling witches, and black cats in no time!

Purple For Domestic Violence Awareness

Though it is obvious that purple can be a fun color, particularly when used for Halloween, it can also serve a more serious and somber purpose during the entire month of October. Purple is the official color of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you’ve ever noticed people wearing purple ribbons in October and wondered about the reason, it is because they are showing their support and solidarity with victims of domestic violence.

So, if you want to show your support with an event, conference, or even a small get-together, you can add purple lighting to showcase your support for DV victims. Not only does it reflect the signature color of the movement to bring awareness to domestic violence, but it also shows that you put extra effort into the cause. Though it may seem like a small gesture, people will often appreciate everything you can do to support such an important cause.

Additionally, purple happens to be a very relaxing color, especially when used for lighting (more on that below). If you plan to have an event or a get-together with victims of domestic violence in attendance, it will be a good idea to create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. This way, attendees are far more likely to feel comfortable and less likely to feel triggered. If you’d like to learn more about Domestic Violence Awareness Month, you can visit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.

Using Purple Light To Help You Fall Asleep

If you’re like millions of Americans, you may not always get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. In fact, insomnia and similar sleep-related issues are one of the most common health problems facing modern Americans. Between work-related stress and increased “screen time,” people are spending more time awake and less time asleep than ever before. Oddly enough, purple lighting could prove to be an unconventional solution for many sleep-deprived people.

As previously mentioned, purple is a naturally relaxing color. It is often used in doctor’s offices and health clinics to help create a more relaxing atmosphere for patients. Studies have shown that exposure to low levels of purple light can lower stress, reduce muscular tension, and generally improve relaxation. Consequently, using purple light at night can actually help you relax and get a good night’s rest.

Naturally, you won’t want to introduce too much light of any color at night, as this could make it even more difficult to fall asleep. However, a small purple night light or dim purple lamp could add a relaxing mood to your bedroom, allowing you to forget the stresses of your daily life. It could also be one of the easiest, healthiest, and most cost-effective ways to get better sleep going forward!

Are you interested in learning more about purple light bulbs? Are you ready to purchase high-quality LED purple bulbs at affordable prices? If so, be sure to check out the products available at Bulb Center today!

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